Rugged 4 Professionals

Fully Rugged Getac Laptop Computer Parts..  That's all we do is fully rugged models.

A 760/790


Extreme Duty Moisture, Dust, and Vibration resistant, Impact and Temperature tollerent 


* Consumables are items which may require replacement in time / as used. *

Pricing is for parts only... as described below.

Storage Details..  click here

 Shock-mounted HDD & removable caddy.. upgrade hdd to ~1T            

Caddy A770HDDc  59.00

Caddy A790HDDc  99.00

500GB HDD-CF-HDD500G .. includes set-up  159.99

1TB HDD CF-HDD1T .. includes set-up  259.00

128G SSD CF-SSD128G .. Includes caddy  and  set-up    599.00

256G SSD CF-SSD256G .. Includes caddy and  set-up     799.00

Battery & Charging Details..  click here

Getac Lithium Ion Main Battery BP-3S3P2600/33-01S1   374.00

Getac Lithium Ion Auxiliary Battery Pack BP-LC2600/42-02S1   274.00


* Integrated options are built-in, and typically require professional service *

Pricing is for parts OR service OR both... as described below.

PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Getac  Standard, Anti-Reflective, & Touchscreen Displays ..

A770 700nit 12" LCD with Anti-reflective coating, Bezel & Wiring, No Camera or trim    299.00

A790 700nit 12" LCD with Bezel & Wiring, No Camera or trim    499.00

A790 1000nit 14" LCD with Bezel & Wiring, No Camera or trim    699.00

A770  / A790 Full Travel Sealed Rubber Standard Keyboard   199.00

A770  / A790 Full Travel Sealed Rubber Backlite Keyboard   299.00

A770  1.6Ghz Intel Single core MainBoard set  499.00

A790  1.6Ghz Intel Core Duo MainBoard set L2400   899.00

A790  Mouse Buttons, Rubber covering w/ Control board   159.00


* Body parts may be damaged or ruined in time / as used. 

Pricing is for parts only... No service required.

Body Parts Details..  click here

A770 12" LCD Rear Cabinet, No edge trim..  used 99.00

A790 Main 12" LCD Rear Cabinet, No edge trim.. used  199.00

A790 14" LCD Rear Cabinet, No edge trim.. used   259.00

Top Body or Bottom Body.. good used  159.00

Expansion Cabinet with bottom plate... used  999.00


Media Bay Door                                Auxiliary Bay Door  

 89.00 each


Main Battery Door                          HDD Caddy Door

129.00 each


 AC Power Port Cover                           Network Port Cover                            USB Port Cover         

19.00 each


            VGA Port Cover               Serial RS232 Port Cover

19.00 each


           Bottom Feet                                  Hinge Covers

59.00 each set


Monitor Latch or Body Handle.. used   39.00


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