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Fully Rugged  Getac Laptop Computer Parts..  That's all we do is fully rugged models.

X 500

Moisture, Dust, and Vibration resistant, Impact and Temperature tollerent 

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Storage Details..  click here

 Shock-mounted HDD & removable caddy.. upgrade hdd to ~1T            

Caddy A770HDDc  299.00

500GB HDD CF-HDD500G   199.99

1TB HDD CF-HDD1T.. Not available yet    499.00

128G SSD CF-SSD128G .. Includes caddy   1399.00

256G SSD CF-SSD256G .. Includes caddy   1799.00

Battery & Charging Details..  click here

Getac Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack BP-LC2600/33-01S1   374.00



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