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CF 18


 Moisture, Dust, and Vibration resistant, Impact and Temperature tollerent

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 Shock-mounted HDD & removable caddy.. upgrade hdd to ~1T

            Storage Details..  click here

Caddy CF-18HDDc  98.00

 320GB CF-HDD320G  158.00

64G SSD CF-SSD64G  298.00


* Integrated options are built-in, and typically require professional service *

Pricing is for parts OR service OR both... as described below.

PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Panasonic Digitizer and Touchscreen Display Monitors

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Touchscreen   LCD only replacement 298.00

PANEL only replacement 258.00

Digitizer LCD only replacement 298.00

PANEL only replacement 258.00

Monitor "LID" w/ Panasonic Emblem & Toughbook LOGO for CF-18  158.00

"Wings" Monitor side covers (2) as pictured above   48.00

 Standard Monitor side covers (2)   28.00


Panasonic replacement Display Screen Protector   48.00

PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Panasonic Backlite Keyboard, Palmrest, Mouse and Buttons ..

            Keyboard Details..  click here

   New Emmisive Type w/ White BackLighting CF-wkb193vm   388.00

  Sealed Rubber cover w/ White BackLighting   128.00


Standard Full Travel High Contrast Keyboard   58.00

PARTS PRICE  Panasonic Upgrade Parts ..

            RAM Details..  click here

512MB CF-WMBA5512  18.00

1024MB CF-WMBA1024  58.00

            WWAN Details..  click here

CF-18 oem Daughter board only.. Wireless Integrator   98.00


Sprint World Wide Area Network(WWAN) Communications Module   68.00


            GPS Details..  click here

Panasonic Global Positioning Satellite(GPS) Receiver  w/ antenna   158.00

            BT & SD Details..  click here

Panasonic replacement Bluetooth Module   98.00


Panasonic replacement ScanDisc(SD) Module   28.00

PARTS ONLY PRICE Panasonic Replacement Parts ..

Panasonic replacement Power Port Module, includes Serial RS-232 & VGA ports   28.00

Panasonic replacement Mouse Pad   38.00


* Accessories are "add-ons" completed by owner/operator *

Panasonic Combo Media Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) CF-VDRRT2U   98.00

             Battery Details..  click here

Panasonic Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack CF-VZSU30A   98.00

             Charger Details..  click here

Panasonic Battery AC Charger CF-AA1623   38.00

Panasonic Battery External Charger CF-VCBTB1U   38.00

             Enhanced USB Details..  click here


Panasonic USB Adapter (w/ screw) CF-K18CB002   28.00

             Stylus & Tether Details..  click here

Panasonic Digitizer Stylus   38.00

Panasonic Touchscreen Stylus   18.00

Panasonic Tether  18.00

Panasonic Tablet Handstrap  28.00

Panasonic Tablet Shoulderstrap  18.00

             Always-on case Details..  click here

Fieldmate "Always-on" Toughbook Case / Cover   88.00

           Docking Details..   click here

Gamber Johnson Vehicle Mount Docking Station   198.00


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