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CF 19


Moisture, Dust, and Vibration resistant, Impact and Temperature tollerent

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  Shock-mounted HDD & removable caddy.. upgrade hdd to ~1T

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Caddy CF-19HDDc  159.00

500GB CF-HDD500G   199.99

1TB CF-HDD1T.. Not available yet    299.00

128G SSD CF-SSD128G   599.00



* Integrated options are built-in, and typically require professional service *

Pricing is for parts OR service OR both... as described below.


PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Panasonic Dual Touch, Touchscreen, and Digitizer Displays ..

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Dual Touch  LCD replacement  699.00


PANEL & Bezel replacement  459.00

Touchscreen LCD replacement  599.00

PANEL & Bezel replacement  359.00

Digitizer LCD replacement  599.00

PANEL only replacement  359.00

Monitor "LID" w/ Panasonic Emblem & Toughbook Badge

CF-19 MK1 MK2 189.00

CF-19 MK3 - MK5 239.00

"GOBI"  Monitor side covers (2)  59.00

Wings Monitor side covers (2)  49.00

Standard Monitor side covers (2)   29.00


Panasonic replacement Display Screen Protector  49.00

PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Panasonic Backlite Keyboard, Palmrest, MousePad or Buttons ..

            Keyboard Details..  click here

   New Emmisive Type w/ White BackLighting CF-WKB193vm  389.00


   Sealed Rubber cover w/ White BackLighting  159.00


Full Travel Chicklet Style High Contrast Keyboard   59.00

Palmrest Replacement 39.00


PARTS PRICE  Panasonic Upgrade Parts..

            RAM Details..  click here

1024MB CF-WMBA91024   29.00

2048MB CF-WMBA92048   49.00

4096MB CF-WMBA94096  99.00

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CF-19 oem Daughter board only.. HSDPA Wireless Integrator  149.00

"Gobi" World Wide Area Network(WWAN) Communications Module   259.00

CF-19 MK3 - MK5 

             GPS Details..  click here


Panasonic Global Positioning Satellite(GPS) Receiver  w/ antenna 

CF-19 MK1 - MK3  229.00


CF-19 MK4 & MK5  339.00


PARTS & SERVICE PRICE Panasonic Replacement Parts ..

             BT & SD Details..  click here

Panasonic replacement Bluetooth Module   

CF-19 MK1 - MK3  99.00

Panasonic replacement ScanDisc(SDModule   

MK1 MK2  69.00

Panasonic  High Capacity Scan Disc(HCSD) Module

MK3 MK4  129.00

Panasonic replacement Power Port Module, includes Serial RS-232 & VGA ports   99.00

Panasonic replacement Mouse / Buttons PCB   99.00

Panasonic replacement Battery Connection Interface   99.00


* Accessories are "add-ons" completed by owner/operator *


Panasonic Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) CF-VDRRT3U   99.00

            Battery Details..  click here

Panasonic Lithium Ion Main Battery Pack CF-VZSU48U   99.00


             Charger Details..  click here

Panasonic Battery AC Charger CF-AA1633   39.00

Panasonic Battery External Charger CF-VCBTB1U   39.00

             Enhanced USB Details..  click here


Panasonic USB Adapter (w/ screw) CF-K18CB002   29.00

             Stylus & Tether Details..  click here

Panasonic Dual Touch Stylus CF-DTS   39.00

Panasonic Touchscreen Stylus CF-TS  19.00

Panasonic Tether  19.00

Panasonic Tablet Handstrap CF-HS   29.00

Panasonic Tablet Shoulderstrap CF-SS    19.00

             Always-on case Details..  click here

Fieldmate "Always-on" Toughbook Case / Cover   89.00

             Docking Details..  click here

Gamber Johnson Vehicle Mount Docking Station / Port Replicator   199.00


Ledco Vehicle Mount Docking Station / Port Replicator    259.00


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