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CF 28


 Full Magnesium Alloy Case with Carry Handle..   Moisture and Dust resistant, temperature tollerant Design


Shock-mounted, Removable HDD


  Wireless-ready Design


* Integrated options are built-in, and typically require professional service *

Pricing is for parts OR service OR both... as described below.


PARTS & SERVICE PRICE  Touchscreen Display..

13.3" LCD Protector CF-VPF03U

12.1" LCD Protector CF-VPF02U



 CF-28  Screen Protector CF-VPF03U

 Full Travel White Chicklet Style High Contrast Keyboard


 Full Travel Black Chicklet Style BackLite Keyboard                        Very Rare Chicklet Style w/  WHITE BackLighting  


                                   Sealed Rubber LED Backlit Keyboard    Very Rare Chicklet Style w/  WHITE BackLighting, Sealed Rubber Cover  

Memory Cards... RAM

128MB CF-WMBA91128

256MB CF-WMBA91256


 Wired LAN (10/100 ethernet)*****

 Cisco Aironet 802.11b Wireless LAN*****

 Mobitex (CingularSM Wireless)

 GSM/GPRS (availability may vary)

 1xRTT/CDMA (availability may vary)


Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver


* Accessories are "add-ons" completed by owner/operator *

Combo Drive (DVD-ROM*/CD-RW**) CF-VDR282U

Telephone Line Tester Modules

Desktop Port Replicator CF-VEB272AW

Vehicle Mount Port Replicator CF-WEB273

 Integrated High-gain Antenna Pass-thru Cable CF-WEB273CBL

External FDD Cable CF-VCF271

Battery Charger CF-VCBTB1U

Lithium Ion Battery Pack CF-VZSU18AU


2nd Battery Pack CF-VZSU1428

AC Adapter (3 pin) CF-AA1653M

ToughMate CF2728

Sling Carrying Case CF-TM28

ComFolio Universal Carrying Case CF-COMUNIV

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